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This is the business end of the month and you are crying for attention. You have to send invoices, sales calls to make, a blog to update, and you do not have time to Chase the lower-cost supplier for one of your products. How can a person possibly do it all? The short answer is you cannot do. Not good, anyway.

Having a small business is always hard work, because you do not mind. Have you started your company because you have strengths in certain areas, and you do not mind rolling up your sleeves and get dirty? But even if you are an accountant fantastic, does not mean you know about marketing nut. And just because you can sell anything to anyone does not mean that you know your way around a web page template. To compete, will likely need help from outside.

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Assess your Strengths

Freelancers are available in many different areas, from software development and writing blogs for public relations and tax planning. Kind of help you need depends on your abilities, your weaknesses and areas you want to strengthen your business. Freelancers lets you focus on what you do best, whether it’s selling widgets or writing grants.

Determine your Needs

What is holding back your business? What areas desperate for attention? Is the marketing, accounting or computer glitches? If you have a teacher, ask him to help you grow well in place or identify the best place to find freelancers. If you do not have the business experience to help you, find one. One source SCORE, a nonprofit organization that provides counseling for small businesses.

Take the time to clearly define the project scope and schedule before you find someone to deal with it.

Start Search

Where do you find good help? Outsourcing major online companies such as guru.com, elance.com and oDesk.com tens of thousands of freelancers. But navigating your way through what can be a complex system do not make your life easier, giving you more work to do. For example, some sites require you to create an escrow account and paid through the site directly instead of paying freelancers. There is a war and can offer a large number of Resumes by Wade.

Look for a niche company Screen candidates and ask them to invest time and money in the process. Niche sites have fewer members, so you will have less to evaluate resume and fewer bidding wars for freelancers. Maybe you want to check the resume of 15 applicants all possibilities or 200 applicants to be NET 15 instances of the same?

Finding the right niche site depending on your needs. Start by looking for the kind of work you need, as well as the word “freelancer.” For example, if you are looking for a graphics person, search for “graphic design freelancer.”

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make hire based on price alone. Cheapest handgun to lease may not have experience in your field, which is not a bargain if the work is not up to par. Reviewing the portfolio and samples thoroughly before offering any contract. Ask for references and ask questions. There was a phone interview to discuss the rates and schedules and input invited prospects.

Moving Forward

A good relationship begins with mutual respect. If you want to display a 24-hour turnaround or decide to expand the scope of the project before it is completed, clearly communicate your expectations and willing to pay extra. To protect both you, especially if you’re a freelancer working remotely, check the work gently to avoid unpleasant surprises. Once you find a match, you will have more time for what you do best.